HelpingSouls is creating a safe space for underprivileged women and children in South Africa.
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HelpingSouls is helping creating a safe space for women and children in South Africa

Abuse is simply a part of a life for many women and children in Africa and globaly. Their suffering is ignored by those who see it.  Generosity, respect and trust are values which victims simply do not experience.


Our mission is to create a safe space for underprivileged women and children.

No more suffering

Looking away equals acceptance! We refuse to do so. We want to be seen and heard. So that victims trust us and know who they can turn to in an emergency.

Show empathy & warmth

To those who desperately need it. We welcome victims with warmth and acceptance, so they can finally find a way out of cycles of violence.

Targeted project for abused women

Domestic abuse and violence against women are increasing in South Africa’s townships. We’re present and act for victims locally.

House of safety
woman & Children

Have been saved from the streets and their abusers – and we will not Stop! 

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Amount of donations already payed to make our ongoing impact.

What's going on now

We show you real stories and testimonials that excite and motivate us to continue with this project.

Man of action

HelpingSouls is headed up by founder Romeo Nazzari: philanthropist, business owner and artist. He has worked in advertising, film, human resources and is currently at the prime of his life. Romeo wants to start the second half of his life by changing something. He says, “I want to make a sustainable impact in Peoples life before I leave this wonderful planet. I don’t have the Power to change the global challanges we are all facing, but I have the power in taking action within my own microcosmos, while acting with a higher awareness, pure compassion and love. I’ve always been driven by a desire to have a purpose in life, prioritise people along with their talents and individual psychology.” This is reflected in his artworks and his fascination for the expression, depth and truth of human existence.

“It all started with a holiday. I visited South Africa and wanted to give something back to the country and its people. So I got some presents for the children in the townships of Cape Town and gave them out. As I looked into the sparkling children’s eyes, I struck up a conversation with a young visionary woman from a township. She shared with me her vision and dream: to save mothers from the streets and create a place where they are safe. I felt how important this was to her and the community and that I had to make a change! So I made her a promise to make that dream come true for her by taking action! “

Romeo Nazzari, Founder of HelpingSouls

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To create a safe place for underprivileged women and children.

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